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Music Booking

Källarkrogen Vinyl / Music Booking

Want to be a part of Vinyls Live Music Scene?
contact us at booking@vinylhalmstad.se
– Yes, we need an attached link of music in some form
Our Audience is mature loves a great party and great music.

Rules of engagement:
No check in, rigging, or down rigging during opening hours.
Soundcheck Max 90 minutes
All gear MUST be on stage, if it does not fit bring less gear,
All cases and gear must be stuffed away prior 30 min to opening.
No cover of Vinyl wall sign at any time
32 Amp and Stage light behind wall
Stage size 290 cm x 240 cm
Minimum drum-kit please
Dont bring own mixer or PA if not absolutely a must (lack of space, no joke)
100 capacity

Our Backline
2 QSC Top Speakers, 8-inch
1 QSC 2000 Watt D-class Base
2 HK Audio Monitor
3 Micstand + AKG MIC
2 COLOR LED + Stage-light
You do not need to Amp drums,

Upon Request:
Full ready mounted drum kit on stage
Extra Guitarr- and Base Amps
More Mic Stands
Sound Technician

Backstage lounge available upon request with mirrors, towels, minibar, snacks and food